Your client is R.O.I.! Maximize your R.O.I. thanks to: mystery shoppers, c-sat, quality audit and NPS.
  • Succeed the management of the customer experience together

    Presence assists you in turning each customer experience into a success story: 

    • Build a tool that is 100% suitable to your brand
    • Offer a precise vision of your performance
    • Put things into perspective with your KPI
    • Detect the best practices
    • Give meaning to your actions
    • Brind a real added-value to your brand
  • Build your tool

    Presence develops a program 100% adjusted to the experience your customers have:


    • Each key step in your customer's journey: from initial contact to after sales.

    • Each of the communication channels you and your customers use: email, telephone, face-to-face, social networks…

    • Thanks to a relevant combination of the most suitable methodologies: mystery shopping, c-sat, audit, customer opinion poll,…

  • Bring your results to life

    To help each of your employees integrate the results and get the most from them: the Presence Dynamic Report! 

    • Fun and intuitive custom-made interface
    • Quick reading of the main indicators
    • Highlighting your strengths and areas for improvement
    • Benchmark the best practices in your network and for the competitor

     Your results: accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 100% secure, custom designed

  • Take action

    To lead your teams toward progress, they need suitable tools and assistance.

    Presence has developped the GENIUS solution:

    • Help your teams define their areas for improvement

    • Lead them to commit to specific objectives

    • Build an action plan inspired by best practices

    • Validate and monitor the implemented actions

    • Show the positive impact of their actions on sales performance

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Succeed the management of the customer experience together

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Build your tool

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Bring your results to life

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Presence combines the tools and methods of customer relations to help you turn every customer experience into a success story