As an expert in customer experience management, the Presence company assists you in the assessment and implementation of concrete improvement levers. Through mystery shopping, customer satisfaction, online customer opinion, compliance audit and employee satisfaction, we help your brand reach the « CX » (or customer experience) apex.

Your marketing research company in France for 45 years

Our advanced expertise in the management of customer relations allows to offer innovative solutions that are 100% adjusted to your sales questions and issues, day after day.

Online or in-store sales: how well are your customers welcomed in store or on your website? Which strategies do your teams implement to solve issues and disputes, and reach the objectives set? Our mystery shopping service in France leads to the unbiased evaluation of your sales teams, and then to the description of their strengths and weaknesses. We subsequently suggest a strategy that should be deployed across all points of sales, including the promotion of your teams’ strong points, the emulation and gamification of the monitoring system.

Perceived quality, provided quality: the assets of your mystery shopping agency

Your customer satisfaction stems from two different concepts, but both are essential and complement one another:

  • Perceived quality represents the subjective perception of your products and services. It depends on both the reputation of your brand, the welcome quality of your teams, of their interactions throughout the purchase journey, the solutions found in case of dissatisfaction. This factor is appraised during interviews with some of your real customers. Our marketing research agency thus measures customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction levels in all aspects of the customer relation, from the in-store welcome quality to the after-sales service, and how smooth the cross-channel journey is.
  • Provided quality is a neutral and unbiased measurement of the service quality provided by your sales team. This marketing research allows to complete the results found during the perceived quality research. It is based on the use of mathematical and statistical tools that help determine your teams’ strengths and weaknesses in all areas: customer welcome quality, proficiency about sales arguments, solving issues, etc.
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A team of experts dedicated to all aspects of customer relations

The Presence marketing research agency is made up of a network of customer satisfaction and benchmarking experts. It relies on a team of trained professionals, whose skills are updated on a regular basis: interviewers and mystery shoppers, panelists, satisfaction auditors, etc.

We operate in many industries, sales, retail or hotel-restaurant trade. Our versatile and flexible teams carry out the allocated missions with efficiency and discretion. Our approach, both precise and kindly, allows for a lasting progression of your CX improvement process.

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