Presence assists you in:

  • analyzing and understanding your performance,
  • detecting best practices and areas of work,
  • identifying the teams to coach as a priority

Presence: marketing diagnosis and support

To analyze the sales performance of one’s company is an essential step in its evolution. And yet many company managers feel compelled to ignore this aspect of their sales development strategy, for lack of appropriate tools, human resources, or just time. What if there were a team of experts to support you in the analysis and diagnosis of your customer relation performance?

How to measure the sales performance of your company?

Your mystery shopping agency Presence relies on varied high-performance and innovative resources to measure the CX performance of your company.

Those include:

Grasp your company’s profile as accurately as possible

Our marketing support is based on the comparison and thorough analysis of your key figures, within both your points of sales and website. We help you identify purchase obstacles and issues in your customer journeys as well as the weaknesses that might deter your marketing target from choosing your company or brand.

We also make sure to emphasize your strengths and best practices, and we suggest the best way to spread them across your sales team.

You will know everything about your CX!

The PRESENCE experts analyze the data collected through mystery shoppers, satisfaction surveys, audits, customer opinions…

These analyses are enriched by:

Our teams then combine all this data and select your key indicators in order to create the most relevant CX index for your brand.

The CX index offers optimal readability to manage your performance!

Easy to understand and communicate, it is perfect to help your team improve!

Innovative solutions to support your sales development strategy

As soon as all these data have been compiled, analyzed, contextualized and organized, your marketing research agency will implement all means to make this information accessible and workable, for all company levels.

We are not about sending your way miles of over-complex figures. What you need for boosting your performance is the ability to access your KPIs within minutes and from there build the best approach in terms of marketing actions or team training. Our marketing support thus includes an innovative digital tool, in line with your challenges and ambitions.

A springboard for the implementation of effective solutions

Evaluation, diagnosis, benchmarking, sales analysis… All these actions would remain pointless if not followed by the implementation of a sales development strategy based on these new data.

Armed with your PRESENCE Dynamic Report, you now have the power to build your own strategy… or rely on the expertise of a marketing research agency focused on your success!

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