To help your teams progress, they need suitable tools and assistance.

Presence has developed GENIUS, a participative solution, to give meaning to your actions:

GENIUS allows you to enter into a virtuous cycle of continued improvement, especially through the knowledge of best practices and management through objectives.

Sales and loyalty development strategy: key principles for success

Customer experience: everything stems from it, and everything ends with it.

You created your company because you were willing to provide your customers with the best products and services. And it’s mostly the quality of your customer relations that ensures the reputation of your company.

Customer experience will also define opportunities for progression. Should you overlook it, and your sales figures will collapse, your sales reputation will flounder, your public awareness will dwindle.

On the contrary: build your sales development strategy on customer loyalty and a virtuous circle will open in front of you. The one that leads you to excellence, recognition, sales success.

Driving customer satisfaction through strategic actions is thus:

  • The logical consequence of a reflection based on customer experience;
  • The most logical process to give meaning to your brand and to your team’s efforts;
  • The right path towards the development of your business.
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A library of 800 000 customer experiences to identify the best practices

Driving your customer satisfaction, yes indeed, but how? A loyalty-focused strategy is achieved through some crucial steps:

The second step is where we move into action. For a consistent and concrete program, easy to share with your teams and emulation-driven, we compiled 800 000 customer experiences into a constantly updated database.

Your actions towards loyalty thus rely on the best practices carried out not only by your competitors but also by the market’s most successful companies.

Innovative and inspiring tools for your loyalty-focused strategy

Customer loyaly requires that you constantly question your sales practices and the commitments you made towards your sales target.

In order to support you in this subtle and time consuming task, Presence provides its solution to build new models and appraise their impact at any time.

GENIUS works on several levels to gain your whole network’s support about your marketing actions :

  • Easy to use, this solution makes for a smoother communication between the strategic center and your sales team ;
  • It also encourages feedback for crystal clear interactions both upstream and downstream ;
  • It provides some integration leverage for all your team members, as well as it gives perspective to their missions ;

GENIUS encourages a healthy competition between your team members, based on emulation and the will to surpass themselves, through the implementation of prize lists, trophies, and championships with rewards as a bonus.

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