« Working with PRESENCE means being assisted by a reliable, dedicated and passionate team to ensure you offer the best Customer Experience every day. »

Customer experience at the heart of the expertise of Presence

From automotive to luxury, hotels and restaurants to the public sector, Presence is a key player in multichannel customer experience and mystery shopping. Our support programs rely on a solid methodology, a dedicated and efficient team, as well as on the implementation of innovative products, in perfect keeping with the new sales technologies.


Cosmetics & Healthcare



Hospitality & Restaurant Trade



Public sector


Presence, 45 years of multi-sector expertise

Customer satisfaction questionnaire, customer opinions or mystery shopping, your marketing research agency Presence has been assisting you for 45 years in your customer experience improvement process.

In all sales sectors, Presence is one of the world’s most reliable business partners for companies, whatever sales channels they use.

#1 in Mystery Shopping / Satisfaction researches in France

Partner of your multichannel and cross-channel journeys

From an online order to click and collect, or a discounted product received on a text message and its subsequent delivery after basket checkout… The wide variety of customer journeys make companies compete for the best process, from the discovery of the brand by a new customer, to the after-sales service. As an expert in the collection and analysis of customer reviews since 1975, and with a worldwide coverage, the Presence agency is the obvious key partner for CX audit and customer satisfaction improvement.

Customer experience increasingly takes place beyond traditional sales channels, thus Presence provides new tools to measure the balance between customer journey and customer expectations. Apart from satisfaction questionnaires and mystery shopping visits, essential tools to generate the CX indicators, we provide all the expertise from our auditors, interviewers and benchmarking experts.

Before sales: we monitor how each contact request is processed, web call-back or lead generation. We also appraise your site’s performance in providing a smooth purchase journey : are your products easily and quickly accessible? Do your online teams positively respond to customers?

During the online transaction: we conduct a thorough investigation about your customer service. Are your services in line with your company’s commitments? Are the terms and conditions clearly explained and accessible? Does the customer service properly commit to its information and guidance mission?

During delivery or product pick up : we check the observation of timelines, the smooth delivery scheduling, the delivered product’s compliance, and the click and collect process.

After sales: how well are customer complaints processed? Are your teams in a position to quickly handle issues, in a way that ensures a perfect customer satisfaction? Are return/refund processes smooth enough? Is there a steady customer follow-up?

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