The evolution of luxury redefines the foundations of the customer experience

Luxury is a world with its unique codes. An expert in customer experience, our agency will be sensitive to your personal vision of luxury to help you offer a memorable luxury customer experience to an increasingly demanding clientele.

New omnichannel customer journeys and renewed expectations of luxury consumers require dedicated expertise characterised by a customer-centric vision. Luxury boutiques and premium brands are becoming experiential destinations and the role of the salesperson is evolving in an unprecedented way. To satisfy this demanding clientele, it is now a question of imagining and sharing memorable moments in welcoming places that will inspire your customers.

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In a new and changing context, PRESENCE luxury department supports your teams to enable you to offer your customers a luxury experience that they will want to live and share. Our team are luxury experts who share your passion and your taste for excellence. By accompanying you at every stage of your customer experience, we make our attention to your satisfaction the mirror of your own customer promise.

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