Get an understanding of your entire digital customer journey and customer experience via the internet

PRESENCE has been helping brands and companies to measure their customer experience and implement their action plans for 50 years. In a context of omnichannel development, the points of contact between your customers and your teams are multiplying (physical network, telephone exchanges, virtual chat, etc.). All of these exchanges contribute to the construction of the customer experience and satisfaction. Today, this experience is shared on the Internet and customer opinions are widely published on Google. Our agency specialising in customer experience (CX) accompanies the changes in your sector by offering you a wide range of innovative measurement solutions and benchmarks.

PRESENCE Digital eXperience is a complete solution combining complementary methods and tools to take into consideration your digital and physical customer journey. By using digital tools and studying the perception of your brand on the net, PRESENCE Digital eXperience combines your digital customer experience with the online evaluation of the customer satisfaction felt within your physical network.

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The Digital eXperience is all PRESENCE's know-how, combined with the possibilities offered by digital technology, to understand and perfect your customer experience. Contact our teams to make PRESENCE's Digital eXperience the starting point for your future CX strategy.

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