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You need to put together a customer satisfaction marketing strategy indeed, but based on what? The CX improvement so many companies try to achieve, is much more than a just figure that needs to increase. The optimization of the omnichannel customer journey, or of the customer satisfaction in-store, through e-commerce or social networks, first requires the concrete evaluation of the available satisfaction indicators.

And there are a lot of them!

Every day comes with multiple opportunities to collect data about your customers satisfaction level. And yet, many companies only have incomplete or obsolete information, as they fail to use the appropriate tools and qualified experts.

It has become fundamental to get quantitative and qualitative data, accurate and up-to-date, to thoroughly appraise the satisfaction level of your customers. The duty of a CX driven marketing research agency is to provide you with a comprehensive and reliable feedback, come up with a consistent diagnosis, and assist you in the development or change of your strategy.

Customer journey and marketing: be an expert in CX indicators

Immediate measurement directly after a contact with your brand or in hindsight?
Observation of a service offered by your teams or the actual feeling customers have about this same service?
The experience provided by your teams and the experience perceived by the customer do not correspond to the same reality.
Their evaluations complement one another and allow to identify your assets and sources of improvement to succeed in standing out in your market.
The PRESENCE expertise lies in creating a custom-made ecosystem of methodologies to efficiently manage your customer experience.

The PRESENCE CX scope guarantees a program adapted to the experience of your customers:

  • In line with the communication channels used by you or your customers: face-to-face, email, telephone, web sites, applications, social networks.
  • In line with each key moment of your customers journey, these moments that drive customers loyalty from the initial contact to the after-sales follow-up; the customer journey is specific to each company.
  • Thanks to a relevant selection of methodologies: mystery shopping, satisfaction, audits, customer opinions, social listening...
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Omnichannel customer journey: improve your CX

Customer journey became more complex with the evolution of technology and the multiplication of sales channels. It’s not anymore about just providing the best possible service while the customer enters, visits and leaves your store. Following up each step of the customer journey encompasses both your digital communication, marketing strategy and customer relation management, no matter what channel was chosen to reach your brand.

What do your customers look for today? Living the simplest and most obvious story with their preferred brands. A story within which all issues are solved immediately, or near enough, where interactions take place in real time, but where human warmth remains paramount.

An impossible compromise? Many companies already proved that it was within reach for any business. Provided they really take the time for a thorough analysis of their KPIs, and provided they seek support from a customer journey and CX marketing expert.

Online customer journey: making the intangible tangible

How to prevent your customers from leaving towards other e-commerce sites? What drives the loss of interest of your newsletter subscribers? How to create several gateways between e-commerce and brick and mortar points of sales, while sticking to crystal clear communication and sales practices?

The digital upsurge into our communication and consumption modes makes it necessary to question our sales models. To train our sales teams into better handling online customers expectations. And of course to select innovative tools that our customers will instinctively embrace.

The analysis of an omnichannel or trans-channel customer journey teaches invaluable lessons:

  • About the company’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of customer satisfaction;
  • About how well the new sales tools are handled by your sales teams;
  • About the ability of your sales team to identify and solve issues in an efficient manner, etc.
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Your cross channel customer journey

  • Precise definition of your customer journey according to each point of contact

The key moments
of the customer relationship

  • Identification of the fundamental steps of the customer relationship: those that have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty

Relevant methodology

  • Targeting the best measurement tools for your brand
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